Christiane Gervaise is an artist in painting by passion

Christiane Gervaise, an artist in painting from the « Coutançais » has been living in Chaulieu since 1982. Until today, she has participated to several fairs and exhibitions with an increasing success. Painting has always been a need for her, of which she became aware when she was between 7 and 9 years old. "I did not wish to work in agriculture like my parents did but I used to observe the nature, the countryside. The freshly turned soil has smells which awoke in me particular sensations and I told myself that I would be painter later on."

After her studies, she joins the Superior School of Modem Art of Paris; where she obtains a decorator diploma. Her wedding and her three maternities make her abandon painting, but as soon as her family duties allow her, she starts watercolor again and exposes for the first time in Coutances in 1988. Step by step she regains confidence and carries on working with tenacity.

A few years later, she gives drawing and watercolor lessons to children and adults at the MJC of Fiers. But quickly Christiane Gervaise absolutly feels the compelling to paint, and this time using oil. "This is a different technique, slower, but it imposed itself on me. The watercolor permits to express the evanescent, to suggest what is contained in the materiality of things.

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