"Oil has permitted me to give body and life to what I used to express before in watercolor". In 2001 an .introducing will be decisive in her carreer : Philippe Lejeune, student of Maurice Denis -creator of a Plastics Arts School ,the Shool of Etampes-, invites her to work in his workshop. This painter, winner of a gold medal from the French Artists who expose every year at the Grand Palais in Paris really encourages Christiane Gervaise to continue in her way "I needed this acknowledgement to be confirmed in my vocation. I enjoy this work. I don't want to take myself seriously, but I think that painting is an art which permits us to be aware of the free beauty which is offered to us through nature and which each of us needs to achieve fulfillment. The sight of beauty touches what is good in us. I do believe in the role of art in our life."

Quest-France 31-01-2007

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