The talent Christiane Gervaise has is unusual: she principally paints characters, and essentially particularly beautiful women, either masterfully revealing the sensuous harmony of their bodies, or dressing them in an intimate but picturesque simplicity. Through different poses, she perfectly evokes instants of dreaming, toil, or family tenderness that are brought to life through her daring and experienced brush-stroke.

Yet her technique, which is associated with a daring use of colours and shades, also draws Christiane Gervaise to create floral compositions that are attractive for their light and charm. It also guides her in the serene reproduction of marine or urban spaces that are balanced with astonishing and harmonious accuracy in terms of perspectives and reliefs.

Her painting is therefore well-executed and attractive, invigorating and active, as well as elegant in style. With captivating emotion, the artist conveys the beauty in the subject by directly approaching its very essence, extolling its reality with a very personal decisiveness and authenticity.

André RUELLAN, art critic

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